The Hartmann success story

Siegbert Hartmann, owner of the Herford-based company "Hartmann-Kunststofftechnik" and manufacturer of internationally renowned end-bearings for slatted bases made of plastic and high-grade synthetic rubber, founded the company "Hartmann Asytec".In the early days of Hartmann Asytec, a sophisticated drive technology for slatted frames and multipurpose furniture was developed and patented. Thus the Hartmann range of products was expanded consequently focussing on components needed from the bedding industry.
One year after the foundation of the company, one of the above mentioned drive systems was awarded a gold medal at the Inventors' Fair in Geneva.
The drive system with linked gear rack was nominated to take part in the "Inventor's Award" in North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. 
A visionary approach by "Hartmann Asytec" was to present new concepts and designs at the "German Industry Innovation Award for Technical Development". The highlight of that year was the "BELITEC" patent for the "bed that rolls out of a cabinet". A sensational motorized drive system that has since created a stir worldwide. 

The success story is based on quality out of tradition, more than 25 years' of experience in the market segment, trend-setting know-how, the processing of high-grade materials, and a head start in product innovations. Today, the Löhne-based "Hartmann Asytec" is a synonym for drive and system technology perfected to meet the most exacting requirements.